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Nayancie Matthews, Managing Editor


❣️  HEY !  ❣️

I’m Nayancie (Nay-an-c) or you can call me Nai, either one is absolutely perfect. I like to consider myself as a charismatic, bubbly, ball of fire. But of course you’ll never know until you know me 😄.

The first thing you should know about me is that I’m Kittian.St. Kitts & Nevis on Apple iOS 10.3 I was born on a SMALL island know as St.Kitts, however I was raised in Guyana. I’m a proud Aries and I love to explore everything.

I enjoy walking for long periods of time , writing, food tasting or eating in general, helping others around me, and learning. Which may sound super cliche but it’s me in just a few sentences.

 Sierra Duncan,Relationship and Culture Editor


Hey guys, my name is Sierra and I’m a senior is training *11th grader* who attends Abraham Lincoln high school.

I’m 16 years old and on this blog I am very excited to talk to guys about relationships and culture *trust me we all have some issues here and there*.

I know, I may sound young but trust me, I have a lot of knowledge to share with you guys, are you ready hehehe?  ❤

 Cecil “Brian” Scantlebury, Freelance Writer


Hi, I’m Brian and I’m 16 years old. I go to James Madison High School which I do not like. I do like to play soccer and volleyball and to write. Also I work at SUNY Downstate as a sexual health educator. Enjoy my blogs!






Wislande Francisque, Freelance Writer

IMG_0029November 12, just born
Hello world
2 years old, pretty and innocent
Just learn her first word

4 years old, kindergarten
First day of school already
6 years old, first grade
Mommy why is daddy not here

8 years old, awareness
Learning about the wrongs and the rights
10 years old, in New York
Overwhelmed by the beauty and the bright light

12 years old, middle school
Hated for being different
14 years old, high school
Betrayed by my closest friend

16 years old currently
Let’s replay November 12, shall we
And restart this roller coaster
Hoping that life will be better

Alexsia Avila, Freelance Writer

IMG_0072Alexsia is changing the world right now, when she takes a break, she’ll tell you all about herself.








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